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If you want it removed we have it covered ...

Our waxing therapists at the ARCH are experienced wax specialists professionally trained. They will take the upmost of care and consideration to your specific needs ...

Award winning Harley wax is used at ARCH Beauty for selected treatments which gently and effectively remove hair as short as 1mm.  Harley wax products incorporate relaxing aromatherapy ingredients used at low temperatures for extra client comfort. It is expertly formulated with skin nurturing and conditioning ingredients. Harley Wax user’s report their experience almost pain free!

*Just a quick check....maybe it’s not for you today!

  • If you are Diabetic
  • If you are on Roaccutane or other acne medication
  • If you are sunburnt or have been exposed to UV rays with the previous 12hrs
  • If you are using skin thinning products
  • If you have varicose veins
  • If you are allergic to essential oils or latex

Harley Wax System

Specialist Hot wax system used for all Bikini, Facial and Underarm



Extended bikini






Brazilian (small strip / triangle remains)


Hollywood – Totally Bare


Lower Leg


3/4 Leg


Lower Leg & Bikini


Lower Leg and Extended Bikini


Lower Leg & Californian


Lower Leg & 'G' String


Lower Leg & Brazilian


Lower Leg & Hollywood


Full Leg


Full Leg & Bikini


Full Leg & Extended Bikini


Full Leg & Californian


Full Leg & 'G' String


Full Leg & Brazilian


Full Leg & Hollywood








Eyebrows & Lip




Lip & Chin


Side of Face


Half Leg, Bikini & underarm  


Holiday special  Eyebrow, Underarm, Extended Bikini and Lower Leg Wax



A little After Care... 

Your skin will be temporarily sensitised after waxing therefore following these recommendations will reduce the risk of irritation or minor infections. They should be followed for 24 hours or until the skin returns to normal

  • Avoid hot showers - only shower in lukewarm water
  • Do not use perfumed lotions, soaps, scrubs, or make-up on the area
  • Avoid tight or restrictive clothing
  • Do not follow or precede waxing with any other heat treatment, including hot baths, saunas, steam rooms for a period of 48 hours
  • Avoid exposing the area to UVA light, either direct sunlight or sun beds
  • Avoid swimming pools for 48 hours
  • Avoid deodorants of any kind
  • You may apply specialised after wax lotion or antiseptic cream regularly to  the area to soothe and maintain hygiene